Info for Social Workers

The Admission Process

We have 3 criteria for accepting new clients; firstly, can we help you? Secondly, do you want help? And thirdly, can we keep you safe? If the answer to all of these questions is “yes,” you may have a client who is suitable for placement. Feel free to call or email us to discuss a referral (inquiries should be made to the GPH location). Once we gather a little basic information over the phone, we begin to request documentation from the current hospital or facility. We go through that paperwork and determine whether or not this individual is appropriate for a face-to-face assessment. If so, we schedule a date to go and meet with the potential client wherever they are placed. Once that assessment is completed, we place a call to you, the social worker, and discuss our thoughts. From there, you schedule transportation and work on getting that client to us. We do our part to make sure we are ready by completing a detailed Crisis Plan and ISP to suit
that client’s unique needs.

Once here, your client is assigned a Caseworker whose job it is to maintain communication with the county and assist the client with achieving their goals. That person is your contact within the facility. Of course, Administration is available to assist when necessary.