Our Method

We believe strongly that medication, sleep, and structure are the three pillars necessary for independent living. That being said, all of our facilities are very structured.

We offer five daily groups during the week and three on weekends. We ask our clients to remember that it isn’t always the content of a group that’s important; what’s important is using those groups to create a routine that is utilized day in and day out.

We are highly focused on medication education, using scheduled medication times to teach our clients the details of their medication so they are able to fully understand the purpose of each one.

We encourage our clients to ask questions, and to advocate for themselves with our support.

We practice dialectical behavioral therapy in each of our facilities. DBT is all about learning to be mindful of your thoughts, emotions, and environment as well as your reaction to stressors and relationships.

We find that anyone can benefit from DBT and we take every opportunity possible to provide this skill to our clients through daily repetition, both as a group and individually.

We have taken the time to create our own DBT group syllabus, choosing skills and readings that we believe specifically pertain to the majority of our clients.

We love to get out of the facility and have a good time as often as we can and usually have an activity or two scheduled each month. We go bowling, out to garage sales, swimming, shopping, and to the movie theater. All activities are dependent on safety and a willingness to utilize the programming offered here in the group home.

Most importantly, we believe wholeheartedly that people cannot grow and change unless they are in an environment where they feel safe and cared for by a group of nonjudgmental individuals.

We understand that not everyone is excited to come to a group home and do our best to earn trust and built rapport from the beginning.

We are certain that we have something to learn from each individual that we meet and are always grateful for the opportunity to assist our clients with achieving their goals.