Gilman Phoenix House

Gilman Phoenix House is unique as it comprises of two separately licensed group homes under one roof. GPH was opened in 2014. We are fortunate to have gained access to the local nursing home building, which was sitting empty. Utilizing that building gave us the opportunity to serve even more people with our total capacity being 20 individuals.

Phoenix I

Phoenix I is an 8 bed CBRF staffed with a 4:1 staff to client ratio when there are more than 4 clients admitted or when necessary to support clients of a higher acuity. This is a coed unit with each client having their own bedroom, sharing a bathroom between rooms.

The clients on this unit tend to need a little bit more support in the areas of medication, mood, and/or behaviors. We offer 5 daily groups on this unit and ask that clients attend 3. There is one Caseworker assisting the individuals on Phoenix I.

Phoenix II

Phoenix II supports 12 clients, both male and female with a 1:12 client to staff ratio, though there is more staff here on weekdays. Just like Phoenix I, each client has their own room with a bathroom between two bedrooms.

The clients on Phoenix II are a bit more stable and begin to participate more in programming and daily structure. The clients on this unit should be able to attend roughly 5 out of 5 daily groups.

There is one Caseworker supporting the clients on this unit.