Q: Do I have to share a room?

A: At Almost Home Again, two males or two females will share a room. At Gilman Phoenix House all clients have their own bedrooms with a shared bathroom in between.

Q: Can I have visitors?

A: We want you to have access to your friends and family; however, due COVID-19 we are currently unable to allow visitors due to state restrictions. It is in everyone’s best interest to put the health and safety of our clients first. When COVID-19 protocols lift, we will have scheduled visiting hours that we ask everyone to adhere to. When visitors are allowed, we also don’t want you to miss meals or groups, though your visitors are welcome to wait for you to attend your programming and return to them once you are done.

Q: Can my visitors bring me things?

A: Any items (snacks, hygiene products, gifts, etc.) are required to be approved by your assigned in-house Caseworker prior to your guests bringing them in. This is to ensure the safety of all clients. Weapons, medication, and cell phones must be left in your visitors’ vehicles. We also check identification.

Q: Can I get a job while I’m there?

A: Gilman is a very small town with limited employment opportunities. While you’re here, we do ask that you focus on your program within the facility so that you can get as much information and support as possible.

Q: How long do I have to stay there?

A: We are not licensed for respite care, which means that we do not take clients for the short term. We also try very hard not to give anyone a timeline because we want to you live in the moment and take some time to invest in yourself. That being said, we understand that you have a life you’re trying to get back to. Discharge and time frames are completely between you and the
county that referred us to you.

Q: Can I bring my pet?

A: We have one lovely dog at GPH and therefore cannot house other animals as we don’t want to bring in anything that would invade their space. AHA does not allow pets due to space issues.

Q: Can I bring my car?

A: We’re sorry, but we would prefer that you did not bring your vehicle upon admission. It is definitely something we can discuss down the line!